The insurance platform that moves

at the speed of life.

In the insurance sector, the future is now.

Muvin is a technological and service platform oriented to the development and digital distribution of last generation insurance solutions, which allows the implementation, commercialization and management of:

Your own products

Our B2B clients' own insurance products and services: insurance companies, brokers, agencies...

Our White Label Products

Our own products under a "white label" model where our B2B Clients launch proven and successful insurance solutions under their own brand.

Insurance Verticals
  • Electronic products: mobile, portable...
  • Sustainable mobility: scooters, electric motorcycles
  • Family Protection
  • Travel
  • Housing Protection
Products on the market
Upcoming Products
  • Pay-per-use/driving style car insurance
  • Smart Travel Insurance
  • Electric Motorcycles
  • Electric Cars
  • Drones
  • Pets
  • Vacation Rentals

With Muvin, the insurance brands goes on.

Muvin allows any insurance company, broker or agency to digitally distribute its insurance solutions in the same way we do through our TuBroker line; under a modular, flexible and scalable platform that covers the entire insurance life cycle with a reduced time-to-market.

A digital marketing team 100% specialized and focused on insurance at your service

At Muvin we have a 100% specialized marketing team focused on the insurance sector, always at the service of our partners.

All our experience to optimize the maximum traffic and return on investment.

  • Online campaigns management that generate traffic to product websites.
  • Commercial marketing consultancy on and offline.
  • Activity monitoring dashboards.

Quotation / Contracting: easy for the customer, profitable for your company.

Our Front-End deployment platform is agile, fast and completely focused on maximizing sales. We design efficient and intuitive user interfaces that make insurance quoting and contracting a minimum of steps

  • Design and deployment of front-ends APP, web APP and Web in less than 3 weeks.
  • Quotation, contracting, collection and online inception fully integrated with Muvin BackEnd.
  • Integration of own or partner provided support tools (C2C, Webchate, DDI, Whatsapp...)
  • UX Monitoring and optimization and conversion to sale.

Customer Support: Any questions? Not with Muvin.

Customer support is one of the most important factors in increasing profits and brand reputation. We offer a one-stop shopping and customer support service, 100% in the cloud and available 24/7 . With Muvin, our partners can make available to their customers

  • Our own service team and 20 highly experienced business advisors.
  • Fully omnichannel support: phone, email, whatsapp, chat, RRSS...
  • A support tool fully integrated with our Back and Front-End

The EndtoEnd trip of the customer 100% digitalized.

Automation is essential in providing agility to customers, maximizing hiring and eliminating unnecessary costs. That is why our digital platform automatically manages the entire insurance life cycle step by step:

The best digital experience for the customer at the moment of truth.

At Muvin, we offer our partners a comprehensive system for handling claims that combines technology, agreements with large insurance companies and a differential experience within the digital world. The result? Customers who are always informed and very satisfied.

Can we help you? We're here for you.